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Frequently Asked Questions

?Is it really possible to find a good house in Cyprus for 42,000 £

Yes. With this amount, you can pre-purchase suitable units inside towns with all the facilities. Many factors affect this price

?I want to come to Cyprus for work. Someone tell me, how can I come

Unfortunately, Cyprus has nothing to offer. You must first apply for residency in Cyprus (in one of three ways) and then apply for a job. Buy property, register a company or as a student...

?Is it possible to have a normal life in Cyprus with a pension of Iran

Pensions in Iran are very different and start from about 3 milionTomans. The minimum wage of a worker in Northern Cyprus in 2022 is about 7000 Turkish lira, which is approximately 17,500,000 Tomans with this amount, and if you do not rent a house, you will have a very good and excellent life. Average costs in Cyprus start at around 2500 lira.

Other questions

?How much does it cost to get a residence permit

There is an article or topic in the encyclopedia that lists all the costs. Please read it. But if you want to stay in Cyprus by buying a property, you will have about 7 to 8% of the side costs. From 5% tax to the cost of a blood test.

.What is the weather like in Cyprus? They say the sun is unbearable

The climate is temperate Mediterranean. Very pleasant and excellent. The one who says it is unbearable probably did not live here, maybe they are mistaken for another country.

?Can you find a property in Long Beach for 40,000 £? How much should be critic

Please request advice from the consultants section, our colleagues will guide you.

?They say you can't get a passport in Cyprus? It’s true

No, it's wrong. To obtain a Cypriot passport, you must have resided in the country for at least 11 years and have been denied insurance in this country or have a home over € 125,000. You have been out of Cyprus for a limited time every year and ... you apply and you are asked questions through the court, after which you can get a passport.

?Why advertise to buy a house in Cyprus for

Excellent location, suitable conditions, long-term interest-free installments, security, comfort, welfare and...

?Why is Turkey more expensive than Cyprus

First, that is not true. Secondly, you should not be surprised if this is true.

?One of my relatives buys a house in Turkey and now he wants to sell it. They say you should sell it in Turkish lira and only to Turkish people. Is my grave like this

No, property is bought and sold in British pounds here. And you are free to sell your house to anyone. No one can stop anything.

?Is it possible to leave Cyprus for America or Europe

After investing in Cyprus, you can travel to Europe or the United States with an Iranian passport. Of course, because you invested here, this is a privilege for you. Due to the small population of Cyprus, the embassy's turn is given much faster. And most likely you will get a visa. But if you have this goal, before coming, make sure that the embassy of the destination country is in Cyprus.