The Mediterranean Region serves as a trunk highway and a bridge linking three continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Given that, the economy of Northern Cyprus is rapidly growing. In addition, due to discovering new gas reserves in the Mediterranean Region, Northern Cyprus has attracted a great number of investors.

With regard to the high potential of this company for investment in various fields, people who seek to invest by registering a company can enjoy the free-of-charge counseling provided by the specialists of North Diamond Investment Company concerning company registration in this country.

Several Advantages of Registering a Company in the Northern Cyprus Include:

Gaining residency after registering a company is its main advantage. In case of gaining residency in Northern Cyprus, you will receive as many benefits and privileges as any Cypriot living in that country: Free medical treatment in the governmental hospitals, free education in the governmental schools, etc.

The low inflation rate, as well as low tax rate in Northern Cyprus, guarantees the ever-increasing profit of newly established companies. Furthermore, on account of the presence of European tourists and other tourists from all over the world, your business can be seen around the world.

North Diamond Investment Company renders the following services regarding company registration:

  • Providing free and specialized counseling in the field of company registration
  • Helping investors to make the best decision
  • Carry out all primary legal stages for registering a company
  • Transferring investors from Ercan International Airport (in Northern Cyprus)
  • Providing a luxurious and conformable location for initial accommodation
  • Continuing the company registration process with the investors
  • Providing a free tour of the island
  • Carrying out all affairs related to receiving residency
  • Accompanying you even after registering the company

The above items are merely a part of the services rendered by the North Diamond Investment Company regarding company registration in Northern Cyprus. In case of checking into a contract, you shall enjoy all of these services.

Required Documents:

  • A copy of the investor’s passport for company registration
  • Police Clearance Certificate and its official translation in Turkish, etc.

Considering the diversity of types of companies other documents will be necessary in this regard. We will send you a complete list of the required documents in the course of registering a company.

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