The increase of immigration all over the world led to a research by Forbes, i.e., a well-known business Magazine in the US and the World. The results of the research suggested that the best place to immigrate and purchase real estate in 2021 is Long Beach, Northern Cyprus.

Here we will sum up a few advantages of immigration and investment in real estate in Northern Cyprus. However, please consider that these are merely some of the advantages of immigrating and buying real estate in Northern Cyprus, there is so much more!

One of the main advantages of investing in real estate in Northern Cyprus is that you can get residency in exchange for purchasing real estate in this country. In case of receiving residency in Northern Cyprus, you would be able to get as many benefits and privileges as any Cypriot: Free medical treatment in the governmental hospitals, free education in the governmental schools, etc. Moreover, the real estate transactions are done in the British pound (GBP), which can benefit you greatly in case you purchase real estate and receive residency followed by it. Consequently, in addition to purchasing real estate in a safe country, which enjoys numerous entertainment facilities, the value of your property will increase by the day.

High safety and very low crime rate in the Northern Cyprus, as well as its natural and historical attractions are among other advantages of immigrating to Cyprus.

Taking into account that the people of Northern Cyprus live in an environment full of numerous international students and tourists, Cypriot people are quite cordial and sociable. Furthermore, they treat people from other countries with great respect and behave in a friendly way.

Finally, on account of the peace and tranquility prevailing in Northern Cyprus, it is one of the best destinations for people who are looking for a quiet life free from any concern. Moreover, it is a suitable place for our beloved parents who are retired and need a peaceful place to live.

In light of that, the North Diamond Investment Company will be with you all the way and provide you with various services to purchase real estate.

A part of these services include:

  • Free-of-charge counseling by our specialists to help you choose the best option based on your taste
  • When you chose a property, you can pay a part of the price as a deposit to reserve this property from any country around the World. This is totally optional.
  • Preparing all conditions and carrying out all legal stages to enter Cyprus
  • Transferring clients from Ercan International Airport (in Northern Cyprus)
  • Providing a beautiful and comfortable location for initial accommodation
  • Vising the project and respective property
  • Sight-seeing and visiting all tourist attractions of Northern Cyprus free-of-charge
  • Entering into a contract upon receiving full explanations in that regard and the signature of the parties
  • Carrying out all administrative affairs thereof after concluding the contract and purchasing real estate
  • Carrying out all affairs related to receiving a residency
  • Assisting you after the completion of the purchase

Keep in mind that these are merely a part of the services rendered by the North Diamond Investment Company and in case you purchased a property you can enjoy our other services as well.

Documents Required for Purchase of Property:

  • A copy of the buyer’s passport
  • Police Clearance Certificate and its official translation in Turkish, etc.

Other documents will be necessary with regard to the respective property. We will send you a complete list of the required documents in the course of making the purchase.

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